Our services are crafted to ensure that every digital interaction leaves a lasting impression. By strategically enhancing your brand presence, we aim to maximize the impact of your online identity. From engaging content to innovative strategies, we’re dedicated to elevating your digital footprint and ensuring a powerful influence in the digital landscape.

Kerri Quirt Consulting actively serves and welcomes clients globally, ensuring that our expertise is accessible to a wide range of individuals and businesses seeking to align their marketing efforts with ethical principles. Our global reach allows us to collaborate with clients from various backgrounds and industries, tailoring our strategies to meet their unique goals and aspirations.

With a proven track record of success and a strong dedication to ethical marketing, we continue to make a positive impact in the digital landscape, helping clients not only achieve their objectives but also uphold the values of authenticity and integrity.

Kerri Quirt Consulting is located on and operates from the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Meet Kerri

Kerri Quirt

Drawing from over four decades of dedicated client service, Kerri Quirt is a seasoned business professional driven by a profound commitment to assisting others. Her extensive expertise spans education, business development, coaching, and the design and delivery of technology-driven adult learning programs.

While Kerri’s skills are diverse, her true passion is advocating for ethical marketing steeped in authenticity and integrity. She is unwaveringly devoted to meeting clients’ needs, fostering trust, and establishing authority through transparent digital marketing practices, setting her apart in an industry where authenticity is paramount.

Motivated by growth opportunities, Kerri is not only a forward thinker but also a knowledge enthusiast who thrives on sharing insights. Beyond work, she treasures quality time with loved ones, embraces mindfulness through rejuvenating retreats, enjoys the power of music, sets intentions, and finds solace in the beauty of the outdoors.

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