I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of stuff plugged into my computer, and I frequently run out of space.

On my desktop computer, there are only two USB ports on the front, and one of them is loose, so I don’t use it.  There are other ports on the back of the tower, but they’re hard to reach, so I don’t use them either. On my laptop, there are only two USB ports, so when I plug in my printer and my mouse, there’s no room for a memory stick, or a camera, or even my Kobo e-reader to charge.

My suggestion?  Get a USB hub, like the one pictured here from Canada Computers.

If you discover that your computer doesn’t have enough USB ports for the hardware you want to plug in, go to your favourite computer store and buy a USB hub.  Like an extension cord in your home, a USB hub uses one plug to attach to your computer while providing multiple ports for other hardware, such as an external mouse or keyboard, flash drive, etc.