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The world has changed and your business needs a digital content transformation today. With bullsh*t detectors everywhere, you need to be authentic, transparent and clear about the value offered to your client base. The key, though, is to spend your time working on your business strategy instead of taking care of “administrivia”: small administrative tasks that consume the time of someone with a different skillset thank you… Wondering where to begin?

Think about this: If you’ve ever written anything in your life, and it’s on your computer, your web site, or your social sites, you’re probably sitting on a gold mine! Imagine having new material for speaking engagements, online courses, workshops, webinars, ebooks, video clips, audio clips – all created by repurposing your existing content.

Combining my skills and expertise, I’ll analyze the hidden innovative and marketing treasures in your company and outline a plan to transform your existing content into new messages of value for your target market and, potentially, new streams of income. 

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Whether you’re interested in online courses, e-books, webinars, workshops or timeless social media posts, all you need is a strategic content transformation!

How, you ask?

I’ll systematically arrange the information that you use with your clients and customers and develop a strategy that not only upcycles your old content into new nuggets of wisdom, it also allows everyone to access your business’ value from virtually anywhere.

When you offer insights that provide answers to questions frequently asked by your target market, you save everyone time.

When your new clients come to you are well-informed and with a better understanding of how your business can meet their needs, their consultation with you is spent time sharing more about their unique goals relative to their specific business. It’s a win-win all the way around.

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What I Can Do For You

Let’s start with a conversation about your business and business goals.

From there, we’ll talk about your intellectual property, looking at what you have and how we might re-use it to educate and inform your client base.

We’ll help you discover the value of your content and show you how it can be brought together and disseminated in new ways that will leverage your expertise and help to scale your business. 

One-on One Consulting

Let’s talk about what you have, what you want, and we’ll brainstorm ideas. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Digital Product Development

We’ll review your content, analyze it for congruency, organize it and create new marketable messaging and products.

Specialized Remote Support

Targeted and customized remote support packages that fit your business and your budget.

About the Owner

Meet Kerri

With more than 35 of experience focused on client satisfaction, Kerri Quirt is a passionate business professional whose main focus is to be of service to others!

Kerri is motivated by opportunities for growth, she thinks outside the box, and she loves to share and exchange knowledge.



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